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The Great Pacific Northwest, the place where the trees are green and the water is high and blue. You can travel from Vancouver B.C. to Seattle and onto Portland in a few hours and observe that the three cities have a lot in common. These cities have more in common with each other than they do with many of east coast or southern cities that they share a federal boundaries with. The people of all three are socially conscious, environmentally aware, progressive and love their land.

The area of North America dubbed Cascadia consists of the northwest Cascade mountain range stretching into what is now British Colombia and over to the Pacific Ocean. If this area of the world were a country alone it would have the 19th highest Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in the world. An independence movement is fun to think about especially when the federal government doesn't always reflect our northwest values of acceptance and progressive thought. Northwest independence does come up from time to time among friends while enjoying one of the world famous micro brews or overlooking our beautiful mountain vistas. Celebrate the Cascadia independence movement and show your northwest pride with this throw-back ringer t-shirt depicting the "Doug" fir tree with majestic blue mountains and skunky green hops.

The Pacific Northwest has a long history of going it's own way. We could probably do it alone

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